Bad Credit Boat Loans – Bank said no? We say YES!

A poor credit history shouldn’t mean you can’t access the boat finance you need. Money One can help you secure your boat loan even if the bank has said no. We believe you deserve a second chance at getting boat finance and past credit problems shouldn’t affect this.

If you’re short of time, simply click here to apply online for your second chance boat loan in just three minutes. Need a quick quote? Simply fill out the form on the right or call us on 1300 770 599.


Risk-Free Credit Assessment

As part of our service, Money One provide a free credit assessment so you know your chances of having your boat loan application approved. Unlike others, we place a simple credit enquiry, not an application lessening the risk of damaging your credit quality score.

Low Boat Loan Interest Rates – From 4.39%*

We are passionate about finding the best possible boat loan for you with the lowest available interest rate from as low as 4.39%*. Even though bad credit loans will have a higher interest rate than regular boat finance, you can rest assured we will compare every option available and present you with an affordable option – saving you money.

Flexible loan Repayment Terms

As with any loan but more so with a second chance boat loan, it is important your repayments are within your budget and manageable. We will work closely with you to provide a range of options and tailor your loan repayments to suit you.

Finance Options from a Range of Partners

Having Money One assess your boat loan application give you the best possible second chance at getting your boat finance approved first time round. We have access to a wide range of boat loans and are adept at helping you choose the very best option for your needs.