Business Marine Finance & Leasing

Having the right vehicle for your business is something we intimately understand. At Money One, we help our customers secure the lowest boat finance interest rates and apply for boat loans that can be structured in a way that will please your accountant and be extremely tax effective.

Three minutes is all it takes to place a boat finance application here. You can also get a quick quote using the form on the right or simply pick up the phone and call us 24 hours a day on 1300 770 599.


Interest rates from 4.39%*

Money One has access to a wide range of lending partners, and can help you get the lowest possible interest rates available to keep your boat finance or vehicle lease costs to a minimum. Interest rates for Business boat finance start as low as 4.39%*.

Chattel mortgages – commercial hire purchase

With a Money One boat chattel mortgage, you will have ownership of your boat but the lender holds a mortgage on it until is paid in full. Depending on your individual situation, a chattel mortgage could be an effective way of financing the boat you need.

Reduce your income tax

With various boat finance options available, Money One will find the option that best suits the needs of your business. Everything from, interest rates, repayment plans and the types of finance available will be considered to ensure costs are always kept low for you.